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Maine Bear Hunting Story to share:

A few years ago we had 4 bow hunters from AZ. They were great shots at 60+
yds. Three of them harvested bear by Thursday. The fourth hunter shot at a
bear late Saturday afternoon. We went back to the bait site with one of my
hounds, to do the tracking of the bear. It is about a half hour after dark
and starting to rain. Rain is not good for tracking a wounded bear. Some
of his friends started to look for the bear in the direction that he
thought the bear went. The dog went in the opposite direction. Soon we
started finding blood. Walking along looking for more blood we come out on
the road we drove in on. The hunter told us when he walked out that day he
saw another bear run across the road. The hound went down the road the way
the hunter went for a way by then it was raining hard so I came back to
the truck but the dog kept pulling me into the woods. After a short
distance I found blood again. I got everyone to go with me and we found
the bear, it was a couple hundred yards in a thicket. The dog grabbed the
bear and started shaking and pulling on it. The guide that was leading the
dog YELLED wounded bear giving everyone a scare. We tagged the bear,
cleaned and skinned the bear, that night, so they could fly out the next


Another Maine Bear Hunting story:
Around 5 years ago we had four people from New York, three sons and their
father. This was a unique experience. The three sons harvested bear; the
father passed up several bear. Thinking he might shoot one but it had to be a
really big one. My wife, who is a registered Maine guide, drove him out to
his bait site and would picked him up that evening. She arrived early, when
she got there, he was away from the pickup point. He been waiting for her.
She asked if he harvested his bear? His answer was, to many bears in there so
I came out. He told her that tomorrow night he wanted to be picked up early
and please don’t be late. His bait site, a ground blind, was about twenty
yards from the bait. Having a lot of bears on his site got him rattled. I’s
sure he won’t forget that experience.


And one more Maine Bear Hunting Story:

Over the years I have found some of the best hunters we have had have been women
hunters. And we are so proud to have have quite a few (and families too) that have harvested bear at Spruce Mountain Lodge. One in particular that comes to mind, she was about 7-8
months pregnant and wanted to sit by herself (on a bait site). She was approximately 8 miles
back in the woods on a dead-end road. She was bait hunting and shot a big
Maine Black Bear, which weighed  at or over 300 pounds. As I was preparing to pick up up my hunters at the end of the day (legal time), I heard her shoot. So I drove up and walked in
to make sure she was ok and when I got there, she was down by the bait
standing there as cool as a cucumber. I said, did you get the bear? She says,
laying right there! I was going to need help getting the bear out, so I asked
her to come with me because I had other hunters to pick-up. She said, no she
would stay and wait for my return, no worries! She was a good hunter



December 2015 article in Bears are coming back to northwestern Waldo County


Watch this awesome professional Video of Maine Black Bear Hunting at Spruce Mountain Lodge
hosted by Robert Beal of “The World of Hunting”. See the behind the scenes of the hunt, the lodge, the people and the great meals!

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