Maine Bear Hunting

Maine Black Bear Hunting with a Maine Guide is a must. A Maine black bear is a formidable animal and a coveted trophy. This creature is swift, elusive, powerful and has a remarkably keen sense of hearing. Seeing your first black bear in its natural environment is an unforgettable experience! In fact, you can read three such accounts in these featured articles from the journalist’s point of view. The first was published in Fur-Fish-Game and written by Ed Hall, next we have one published in The Republican Journal and written by Jason Johnson and last but not least, an article in The Morning Sentinel by Gene Letourneau. Enjoy the first-hand accounts!

December 2015 article in Bears are coming back to northwestern Waldo County

As seen in Bear Hunting Magazine!

Maine Black Bear Hunting

Maine Bear Hunting Over Baits

Maine Black Bear Hunting with Bait – At Spruce Mountain Lodge, we use the tried-and-true method of hunting from tree stands overlooking baits OR ground blinds if preferred. The stands are approximately 12′ high and are set up to suit right or left handed hunters, using rifle or bow. We establish and tend our bait sites well in advance of the season and maintain two active bait sites per hunter. We usually head for the tree stands at around 1 p.m. and hunt until dark. The majority of bears are taken between 3 p.m. and dusk. Bear sightings here have averaged around 90% for the past few seasons and it’s not unusual to see more than one bear during the afternoon hours.

Maine Bear Hunting with Hounds

There’s nothing like the thrill of the chase or the sound of well-trained hounds hot on the trail of a big bear. If you have never experienced this thrill, look no further than Spruce Mountain Lodge. Our well-trained bear hounds have a high success rate in treeing these elusive animals. It’s not unusual to see more than one bear during an outing.

Our black bear hound hunters average a 95% success rate!

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A Maine resident or non-resident hunting license is required as well as a bear permit.Click here for license fees.

Maine Bear Hunting Schedule

Maine Black Bear 2019 Hunting Season Schedule

Available dates: 2019   

Over bait:                            With hounds:

Aug. 26-Sept.31                    Sept. 23-28

Sept. 2-7                              Sept. 30-Oct. 5

Sept. 9-14                            Oct. 7-12

Sept. 16–21                         Oct. 14-19

*The hound hunts over-lap with the bait season and will begin Sept. 9 and end Oct. 19, 2019.

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One bear per hunting license. A second bear may be taken by snare with a trapping license.

What to Expect

Weather in Maine can change rapidly, so bring warm clothes, rain gear, flashlight, sleeping bag, choice of weapon and personal items.

Once you have your trophy bear, we will skin, quarter and freeze it for you. We can also make arrangements for you with an excellent taxidermist (a deposit is required for this service, contact us for details). Examples of his work can be seen at our home and around the lodge.

Please contact us for a brochure, references and detailed information about any of our Quality Big Game Hunts.

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