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Wild Maine Turkey Hunting is a relatively new sport for the state of Maine. Thanks to conservation and management efforts, the flock has made a tremendous comeback in recent years. Although sightings are now quite common, seeing a flock of wild turkeys is very exciting. For many hunters, nothing matches the sights and sounds of a flock of turkeys at daybreak, or the thrill of successfully calling in and bagging a huge gobbler.

The day’s hunt will start well before dawn and last until 12:00 pm. We will rise early and be in the field by 4:30 a.m. We will try to get close to a rutting tom and use a hen call to lure him into shotgun range. If you are a newcomer to the sport, I can do the calling for you, more experienced hunters will want to do their own calling.

No more lotteries to deal with in order to hunt Turkeys. Turkey permits can now be purchased (resident permit fee: $20.00 and non-resident $20.00) over the counter along with your required Maine Hunting License.

April 29, 2017 Youth Spring Wild Turkey

SPRING WILD TURKEY (bow & arrow, crossbow or shotgun)

May 1-June 3,  WMD’s: 7, 9 through 29

May 1-June 3,  WMD 8

May 1-May 6,  WMD’s: 1 through 6 Season A Week 1

May 15-May 20,  WMD’s: 1 through 6 Season A Week 2

May 8-May 13,  WMD’s: 1 through 6 Season B Week 1

May 22-May 27  WMD’s: 1 through 6 Season B Week 2

May 29-June 3  WMD’s: 1 through 6 All Hunters


$200.00 Per person, per day

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